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  1. Help crossing the finish line!

    Looks really close! Shoulder bells are rolling back. Needs a bit or trimming on the bottom front of the left thigh to even things up. Should really upgrade those boots when he gets a chance, though that is optional. It's a shame he trimmed off almost all the return edges, but live and learn. Overall, this is a huge improvement from where he started. I will want to see this in person since there were a lot of craftsmanship issues the last time I saw it. If those have all been resolved though, should be an easy approval on Saturday. We can take new pics here. Great job!
  2. Help crossing the finish line!

    Looking good! • Butt and kidney are flaring out too wide. They should be more form fit to his body. May require heat shaping. • Make sure the calves are sized properly to fit OVER his boots vs on top of them. • Any gap between the ab and the kidney should be straight vs. angled as much as possible (pic 3) • You already caught the calf switch. Openings should face the inside of the body. Keep up the good work!
  3. Help crossing the finish line!

    The fit is definitely improving. Make sure when you do your final fitting, you wear an undersuit vs. street clothes. It will affect the fit. I can't see enough detail to see if you have addressed the craftsmanship issues yet, but make sure you are getting your lines straight, and repairing the stray cuts, etc. as you go along. Glad to see you are making progress!
  4. What's up ISG!

    Yep, Eli is in the queue. Just working my way through the post-comic-con crunch. Should be an easy approval, since you were very close last time.
  5. Rob' s ANH stunt build.

    When you are ready to submit, here are the instructions.
  6. Rob' s ANH stunt build.

    Overall looking really good! Minor suggestions., • Eye flashing is looking much better. I'd still take more off, but it's good as it too. Just down to preference at this point. • Calves should sit a bit lower onto the boots. That will open up space at the knees too to make it easier to walk. • Might want to add a bit of additional strapping to the sides of the butt plate so the butt-wings don't flare out (common problem). • Forearms should sit lower. Showing too much wrist. • Adjust bicep/forearm strapping so they are equal both sides of your body. Your right bicep and forearm are a couple inches higher. • Rear shoulder straps are a bit out of alignment with the back armor. Can do the elastic band trick to keep them in place. • Crotch strap not attached? Butt plate should curve up more so you don't see those snaps. • Might eventually want to trim a bit off the top back of the thighs if you find it pinching there when you troop. • In a previous pic it looked like you were using white strapping to connect the kidney plate to the butt plate, but I'm not seeing it here, so looks like you took care of it. Very clean build! Should be an easy approval when the time comes.
  7. Rob' s ANH stunt build.

    There is some room for flexibility, but in the Legion we generally strive for what we call "idealized accuracy". When you look at the costumes used the actual films, there are many examples of mistakes, poor craftsmanship, broken parts, chipped paint, sloppy repair jobs, missing decals, etc. Although those are "accurate" to the screen used parts, we try to consider what the costume designers would have done had they had the time, budget, and quality of materials we have today and replicate that. We also try to give a nod to what the standards would be if these were real-world military uniforms. There are many details we see today due to high-def films, access to the actual costumes, touring museum shows, etc. that were never meant to be seen on film by the audience. Again, it's a balancing act. Consider that most of our viewing public won't have the level of knowledge of the costumes that we do, so generally try to avoid anything that could come across as "sloppy" (even if it is accurate. :-)
  8. Rob' s ANH stunt build.

    Looking good! There some extra flashing around the eyes that could use some cleanup, but it's coming along nicely.
  9. CB-42025 Requesting Forum Access

    Welcome Tim!
  10. ISO: Approved Commander Cody

    I know Darren Wright over at DW Design studios has a lot of experience with that particular kit, and Kevin Weir sells that armor kit too. https://www.facebook.com/DW-Design-Studios-156217621115393/?pnref=about.overview http://www.imperialsurplus.com And of course, as Jeff mentioned, the Detachment is a great place to start as well. http://501stclonetroopers.com
  11. Hey Derek. All you have to do is contact the GML from your current garrison (SCG), but I'll get the ball rolling for you. Email sent.
  12. Alternate ARC Helmet

    Marcelo and EVO both make acceptable helmets, but be patient as all these guys have day jobs, and it can take a bit to respond to queries.
  13. Hello from Oceanside/Pendleton!

    Contact Kevin at Imperial Surplus. He can get you set up with movie or animated clones. http://www.imperialsurplus.com I have assembled a couple of his kits. They are very well made.
  14. Requesting access

    Hey Olivia. Welcome! I'm in Chula Vista as well. Is this a permanent move? If so we encourage you to change your garrison affiliation. You can contact your Tampa GML to get the process started. We also have an armor party coming up on June 24th in Fallbrook where you can meet some of the local troopers.
  15. Hi Michael. I received your photos and replied. Please see your email. Looking forward to having you as a member!