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  1. TI 21274 Requesting Access

    501st level access granted Lance! Welcome to the ISG forums. Looking forward to trooping with you.
  2. Requesting access

    Access upgraded! Welcome to the ISG forums. Now we just need to get MrDJLeslie more involved...
  3. BH-9108 from the Ohio Garrison

    It looks like the two closest troops to The Sofia on the 14th would be these two: http://imperialsandsgarrison.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1742-premiere-dec-14th-rh-fleet-science-center-balboa-park/ http://imperialsandsgarrison.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1747-premiere-dec-14-hazard-center-charity-for-the-seany-foundation/ The one at the Fleet Science Center is probably closer, and honestly could use the troopers more, but probably won't include seeing the movie afterwards (at least not for free).
  4. BH-9108 from the Ohio Garrison

    Welcome to the ISG forums Tony! Looking forward to meeting you!
  5. Brian's Tusken

    Hmmm... They fit perfectly on mine... Guess I should qualify that with "your mileage may vary"?
  6. Brian's Tusken

    Really no need to reinvent the wheel... The cap was originally designed to fit into 1-1/2" sch. 40 ABS pipe, approximately a 3" length.
  7. Brian's Tusken

    For those that want to print their own, the 3D file for the caps is here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2271761 These were a collaboration between myself and @Mattchu.
  8. TKID SL-91665 Requesting Access

    Access upgraded! Welcome to the garrison Rodney! We are pleased you can join us...
  9. November Armor Party/Meeting 11/04/2017

    Wendy and I will be there, but will need to leave right after the meeting.
  10. October Armor / Sewing Party / Meeting

    Yes. My cell number is 858-231-2579, but I normally keep the volume off while trooping. I'll be one of the Tuskens for the event.
  11. October Armor / Sewing Party / Meeting

    I will be at the Down's Syndrome Buddy Walk from 11:30am - 3:30pm at Liberty Station / Preble Field, 2455 Cushing Road. Does that timing work for you?
  12. SD Vader WIP

    Sorry sorry to hear of your losses Rod! The local and international communities are highly supportive. Looking like you are getting close!
  13. October Armor / Sewing Party / Meeting

    I will be trooping in Poway, Torrey Pines and downtown this weekend if any of those locations works for you. Unless there is someone else in Lakeside/Santee who is coming?
  14. Hey Greg- We will have TONS off opportunities for you to troop the premiere. Expect the dates to start rolling out somewhere around November 1st. Looking forward to trooping with you!
  15. October Armor / Sewing Party / Meeting

    To clarify further, any donations for the food bank will be gratefully accepted. The reason that the food bank does the peanut butter drive is that it is normally an item that they don't purchase with money that is donated because it is too expensive. Other food staples can be purchased at much lower costs, so the peanut butter is a treat.