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  1. Greedo Almost

    Love it! How is the vision in it?
  2. Greedo flight suit

    Looking good! Needs a little weathering to get it to the grungy, bounty hunter look...
  3. Greetings from NAF El Centro

    Welcome to the ISG forums Danny! You are in good hands with Kris as your mentor!
  4. Greedo Lives

    Looking great David! Can't wait to have a Greedo in the garrison!
  5. Screen Accurate Jawa Robe Fabric

    Coming along very nicely Carlos! I would hit it just a little harder on the weathering, but agree on the splotchy look of the ANH Jawas! Luckily they all hit the laundromat by the time RotJ rolled around!
  6. (SD) 2018-02-25 Armor Party @ "Other" Todd Felton's

    If you will be there, I'll bring the Greedo blaster.
  7. (SD) 2018-02-25 Armor Party @ "Other" Todd Felton's

    Wendy and I will be there.
  8. Hello from Redondo Beach

    Welcome to the ISG forums! Looking forward to trooping with you!
  9. Tusken Raider

  10. Tusken Raider

    The gaffi looks good! Not required for the 501st, but is required for the Rebel Legion. I would strongly urge you to submit to both when you feel you are ready. Doubles your chances of getting in to a specific event if there are limited numbers...
  11. Howdy from OC...

    Hi Todd! Never enough Todds around here! Looking forward to trooping with you. Todd
  12. Hello from San Marcos

    Welcome to the forums Ryan! I'm up in north county too, so I look forward to trooping with you!
  13. Tusken Raider

    My pleasure Ermer! Helping out denizens is my job as Krayt Clan XO...
  14. Tusken Raider

    Looks pretty good Ermer! Much better photos this time around. The weathering is much easier to see now. Overall, looks approvable with a couple minor tweaks. The screen in the mouth (and possibly eyes) should be black. Either respirator can looks good. The tubing can be moved to whichever you choose. The thinner wire is not approvable. Too thin and squiggly... A little more weathering on the waist pouches would greatly improve their appearance. Are the eyelets on the Ottoman bandolier silver or white? White is not acceptable. Leather gloves are fine, but you might find cotton gardening gloves more comfortable. Something like these: https://smile.amazon.com/Magid-Safety-MultiMaster-Glove-Pattern/dp/B076WV3RWQ
  15. Tusken Raider

    Looks like a good start for another new Tusken for the garrison! You've got a little more work to do to get it up to standards, but most items are just cosmetic. Can you post a pic of the fabric of the outer robe? In these pics, it looks like burlap, which might not be approvable. It appears a little stiff... But might break in well after a bit of wear. Here is a list of things that need some work: Inner and outer robes, waist bandolier, and gloves need more weathering. The tubing on the respirator is too long, letting it hang too low. The respirator itself is on the small side, but may be okay once the tubing is shortened. Can't see exactly what is going on with the sleeves, but they at least need more weathering. They should match the helmet and boot wraps, which also should match each other. Not sure what is going on with the neck wraps? The appear to be at least partially attached to the helmet and partially to the robes? Needs more weathering. Don't get frustrated if that list looks long! Most of those items are easy fixes! And the helmet and chest bandos are spot on! Especially the Ottoman/Turkish one! Been chasing one of those for years myself... Now you just need to make a Jawa for Mrs. DaygoErm!