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  2. SD Vader WIP

    Been a pretty terrible month so far. After having my mother and my uncle both pass away within weeks of each other I’ve never been more grateful to be involved with such an active community. Big thanks to the guys who have reached out to me and kept my hands from going idle (especially the ones who answer all my annoying questions). This is truly a fantastic group to (almost) be a part of. Quick update: edging closer to submission now. Was able to procure a good stand in helmet until my DR helmet arrives and just need to to fine tune the details on the armor (bells) and I should be ready to submit. Rounding that final bend!
  3. October Armor / Sewing Party / Meeting

    I won't be able to make it to the AP, but I'd still like to donate some peanut butter. Is there anywhere I can drop it off at so that it goes toward the group total? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  5. Help crossing the finish line!

    Thanks, Dean! I'm hoping once we install strapping from kidney to ab that should take care of the flaring and gap. Ideally, there will be zero gap. His physique should allow for it. That's being installed now and we should have more pics up Sunday or Monday at the latest.
  6. Help crossing the finish line!

    Looking good! • Butt and kidney are flaring out too wide. They should be more form fit to his body. May require heat shaping. • Make sure the calves are sized properly to fit OVER his boots vs on top of them. • Any gap between the ab and the kidney should be straight vs. angled as much as possible (pic 3) • You already caught the calf switch. Openings should face the inside of the body. Keep up the good work!
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  8. Help crossing the finish line!

    I've been working with Stephan to help get him up to speed. We met Yesterday for progress pics and test fittings. Here's where we are: Clips are there to help line up the thighs and how they will attach to the belt. They are not attached yet in this pic so the thighs are lower than they probably should be. E6000 is drying now. This is a change from the Anovos strapping which attached the thighs to the ab plate via snaps. We switched out from the Anovos velcro to elastic and snap plates all around. Straps will be added this week to make sure the kidney and ab plate line up. There should be very minimal gap (if any) when we're done. I goofed. I put the lower legs on the wrong side. That'll be hard to goof up when we reattach the sniper plate. We've got new gloves so he's more comfortable, new cloth belt is being assembled this week. Biceps should be done this week and we'll be adding a hook to them for the shoulder bell strap. Otherwise, you can see where we'll be trimming the forearms and thighs to fit. We'll address any issues with the lower legs after the thighs are done. Comments? Critiques? How we doin?
  9. October Armor / Sewing Party / Meeting

    I'll be there, need some help with submission photos.
  10. Hey Greg- We will have TONS off opportunities for you to troop the premiere. Expect the dates to start rolling out somewhere around November 1st. Looking forward to trooping with you!
  11. Hi, Dax Corrin here, IG-12485 of Cloud City garrison. I have trooped with the SoCal garrison in the last couple of years, and this December my family and I will be in San Diego December 14-16th, so I will be on the lookout for troops for the premiere of The Last Jedi to participate in while there! Looking forward to meeting more Imperial forces!
  12. October Armor / Sewing Party / Meeting

    I plan on attending for the meeting. Had to put the TK build on hold while I do a Halloween costume build.
  13. October Armor / Sewing Party / Meeting

    To clarify further, any donations for the food bank will be gratefully accepted. The reason that the food bank does the peanut butter drive is that it is normally an item that they don't purchase with money that is donated because it is too expensive. Other food staples can be purchased at much lower costs, so the peanut butter is a treat.
  14. October Armor / Sewing Party / Meeting

  15. October Armor / Sewing Party / Meeting

    Is there any alternate items to bring for those like my daughter who are extremely allergic to peanuts? Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  16. October Armor / Sewing Party / Meeting

    I'll be there, inviting all my friends with costumes-in-progress as well. I'll edit this with their confirmations as they come in.
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  18. Help crossing the finish line!

    The fit is definitely improving. Make sure when you do your final fitting, you wear an undersuit vs. street clothes. It will affect the fit. I can't see enough detail to see if you have addressed the craftsmanship issues yet, but make sure you are getting your lines straight, and repairing the stray cuts, etc. as you go along. Glad to see you are making progress!
  19. Help crossing the finish line!

    Hello! Brian and I have been meeting up for the last few weeks and wanted to get feedback from the group if possible on the process we have been making. Please see the attached images and please provide feedback, thanks in advance! https://jinx.box.com/s/w0wsrhi6c84fdwsrq4quz52a2tvlsirt
  20. October Armor / Sewing Party / Meeting

    Cool see ya there!
  21. October Armor / Sewing Party / Meeting

    BUMP! Just a reminder to bring peanut butter! We will provide food and drinks, so don't worry about pot luck items!
  22. October Armor / Sewing Party / Meeting

    I plan to show up. Need some motivation and opinions on several pieces I have been slowly working on. Hopefully Carol will feel up to coming with me.
  23. Request for access

    By a weird chain of events, "We are now no longer the Knights Who Say Ni!" My new number is TK-84437 (which spells out "TK-TIGER" on your phone) So, TK-Tiger reporting for duty
  24. SD Vader WIP

    First complete suit up is in the books! I have so many people to thank and even tho the journey isn’t complete I can’t even begin explain the joy I felt being the dark lord. More updates to come but for now I’ll enjoy the feeling. Critiques welcome! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. October Armor / Sewing Party / Meeting

    Two updates for the AP! #1 - It is Wendy's birthday! If you would like to hang around afterward and enjoy some BBQ and adult libations it is highly encouraged! #2 - The San Diego Food Bank is having an peanut butter collection drive in October! If you are willing to help out, bring a jar of peanut butter to the armor party to donate! We will collect them all and make a group drop!
  26. TK72107 Request access

    Thank you very much! Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  27. TK72107 Request access

    All set David. Welcome to the Legion!
  28. TK72107 Request access

    Hahahahaha that's funny, thanks Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  29. TK72107 Request access

    But you're not RU! I M RUE!! Ha! Welcome aboard bud.
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