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  2. Thanks to the ISG Command Staff for letting me update my callsign here!

    Was "G60racer" for about 10 years, until I drove the G60 off a cliff in Malibu.

    Callsign now "Cliffjumper" to reflect that life changing event :)

    1. BrieKalan2


      I remember that accident.  SCARY


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  4. TI 21274 Requesting Access

    501st level access granted Lance! Welcome to the ISG forums. Looking forward to trooping with you.
  5. Last week
  6. TI 21274 Requesting Access

    Hello. TI 21274 from Southern California Garrison requesting forum access.
  7. Requesting access

    Access upgraded! Welcome to the ISG forums. Now we just need to get MrDJLeslie more involved...
  8. Requesting access

    Hi! MrsDJRue ID61905 requesting access. Thanks!
  9. TK-22051 Saying Hello!

    501st access granted. Welcome to the ISG forum!
  10. Earlier
  11. TK-22051 Saying Hello!

    Hello! TK-22051 from the SCG requesting access. Have family in San Diego and don't live to far. Would love to come do a troop with you guys sometime!
  12. BH-9108 from the Ohio Garrison

    It looks like the two closest troops to The Sofia on the 14th would be these two: http://imperialsandsgarrison.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1742-premiere-dec-14th-rh-fleet-science-center-balboa-park/ http://imperialsandsgarrison.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1747-premiere-dec-14-hazard-center-charity-for-the-seany-foundation/ The one at the Fleet Science Center is probably closer, and honestly could use the troopers more, but probably won't include seeing the movie afterwards (at least not for free).
  13. BH-9108 from the Ohio Garrison

    Thanks everyone looking forward to meeting all of you as well. I will be staying at (I believe) the Sofia on Broadway as this is near where my work will be, what events are near this location for the 14th premiere? I ask because I know NOTHING of San Diego yet Thanks in advance, Tony
  14. BH-9108 from the Ohio Garrison

    Welcome Tony!
  15. BH-9108 from the Ohio Garrison

    Welcome to the ISG forums Tony! Looking forward to meeting you!
  16. BH-9108 from the Ohio Garrison

    Welcome to the ISG forum Tony! You're all set with 501st access.
  17. Hi all, I am Tony (BH-9108) from the Ohio Garrison and will be in San Diego on business for the TLJ premiere. Was looking forward to either trooping (Jedi since it would be costly to check my Jango) or can be a handler and help out. I am looking forward to meeting my 501st family while out there -Tony
  18. Brian's Tusken

    Hmmm... They fit perfectly on mine... Guess I should qualify that with "your mileage may vary"?
  19. Brian's Tusken

    Assuming I got the right nuts, they're slightly too big for the endcaps. I'll have to sand the hole open a bit more. I've got a second set for @Balue I'll bring to the next build party...wherever and whenever that may be.
  20. Brian's Tusken

    The file was made to fit both a tube, and the nuts more or less snuggly, is the concern. I agree the abs pipe is better, but, I can make a cylinder to fit everything perfectly.
  21. Brian's Tusken

    It's not "reinventing" it's improving! Why you gotta spoil the fun, Dad?
  22. Brian's Tusken

    Really no need to reinvent the wheel... The cap was originally designed to fit into 1-1/2" sch. 40 ABS pipe, approximately a 3" length.
  23. Brian's Tusken

    Let's put it this way, I didn't use glue and it's not coming apart without breaking something.
  24. Brian's Tusken

    Yay! Another Tusken! How tight fitting was the cylinder to the end caps? I ask, because we could make a print file for the cylinder as well for the future. As for cura wanting to resize, I think the end cap was modeled in inches for our personal sanity at the time, and every print program under the sun sees metric.
  25. Brian's Tusken

    This was the cylinder I used. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1340597 It's a three part file, but I just used the cylinder. I got the 1/4" aluminum rod and flare nuts from Hoth Depot. On Todd's end cap, for some reason Cura wanted to resize the heck out of it. No idea why. I ended up measuring the cylinder diameter and using that to resize the end cap. Your mileage may vary. Now on to dealing with other 3D printer issues.
  26. Brian's Tusken

    For those that want to print their own, the 3D file for the caps is here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2271761 These were a collaboration between myself and @Mattchu.
  27. Brian's Tusken

    Finally got to take a pic of my rebreather. Thanks to Todd for pointing me to the files. Kind of a mix of two files I found. The cylinder is from one user. The end caps another that I had to resize for the cylinder. But I like that it has the ridges on the end caps like it's from a bottle or something.
  28. DZ-31428

    All set. Congrats Matt! Welcome to the legion:)
  29. DZ-31428

    I just got approval today, and I am requesting upgraded access. DZ-31428 reporting for duty!
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