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  2. Hello everyone! My name is Kellie (aka nrdygrl) and I am the member of the Dune Sea Garrison. I'm excited for El Centro this year and cannot wait to meet you all!
  3. Any clone troopers heading to the armor party? Been slowly working on my animated clone but would like some advice on some armor parts.
  4. Man, I'll be in the field during that time for work. I wanted to work on my E11 DD conversion kit too. That darn US Navy always making me work. Have fun Troopers. SANDIES RULE! Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  5. Yesterday
  6. I don't have much to trade, but always interested. I'll be there, I'm hoping to fix up this gaffi stick, and help where I can.
  7. Last week
  8. Greetings from NAF El Centro

    thank you Lesley and Kristopher , we will be there , May the Force be with you !!!
  9. Greetings from NAF El Centro

    yes is me , im the first order stormtrooper with the wooden F 11 D lol
  10. I will be there for the meeting.
  11. I'll be there at least for the meeting. Will try to bring some sort of protein (chicken, steak, bratwurst...something).
  12. Greedo Almost

    I look forward to getting some pics with you some day! As Solo vs your Greedo.
  13. Yes, I’m one of them! Look forward to them... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Cat and I will be there. I will also have merch for poeple to pick up. COME AND GET YOUR DARN MERCH ALREADY!!! LOL I will also have patches for sale. If you go to the Merch Shop and preorder I can have them packed and ready to go! I will also bring snaps (50 for $10) as well as some strapping I have for sale that I bought in bulk.
  15. I will be there. Trying to get my AT-AT approved
  16. Open the pod bay doors HAL...

    Welcome aboard!
  17. Greetings from NAF El Centro

    I introduced Dan to Victor and Carrie today. He is absolutely hooked on starting his armor! See you guys next week!
  18. Greetings from NAF El Centro

    Are the the trooper I met at the IVCC with the wooden E-11? If so could you bring that to the party?
  19. Earlier
  20. Sadly will miss this one. Aloha
  21. Greedo Almost

    I'll be bringing it with me to the armor party. I need some advise on how to weather it
  22. Greedo Almost

    Really looking forward to seeing this one!
  23. Greedo Almost

    It’s not too bad. I don’t know about long term yet. Just had it on for about 30 min and it was starting to get warm. I have read about people putting fans in the nose. Also a fan on the ankle with a hose running to the mask
  24. Greedo Almost

    Love it! How is the vision in it?
  25. Greedo Almost

    Here’s what I got. https://imgur.com/a/G47dH
  26. Greetings from NAF El Centro

    My Spanish is not awesome, but: ¡Hola John! ¡Esperamos verlos a usted y a Carlos en el Airshow! Me alegra que puedas unirte a nosotros allí.
  27. Greetings from NAF El Centro

    HI , im John Olivarez from the Mexican Garrison TK 31758 , I will be there too! with my First Order Stormtrooper . hope to see all of you soon (sorry for my english lol)
  28. I'll be there to wrangle MAC. We will be leaving here approximately 1100 due to church. Not working a kit right now, so I am free to help others.
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