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Nylon Webbing, Elastic, and Snaps For Sale

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I have the following sizes of webbing, elastic, and snaps for sale at my cost (no profiteering here).  I buy in bulk to make sure I have plenty of supplies available in case any of you building TK's or other costumes need it.  For costs on webbing and elastic, PM me with how much you'd like (feet/yards).

Line 24 Snaps - Black Steel - 50 for $10

Black Nylon Webbing (1", 1.5", 2")

Black Heavy Duty Elastic (1", 2")

Webbing and Elastic come from Strapworks and are very heavy duty compared to what you get at Joann's or Michaels.

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I'll take the snaps. And maybe some of the 1.5" & 2" webbing. Not sure how much I need of each though.

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