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  1. Brian's Tusken

    Awesome! I cant wait to see the progress! Makes me happy that our clan is getting bigger and bigger =D
  2. Screen Accurate Jawa Robe Fabric

    No charge Ill bring them to the AP this weekend if your going and if not ill hold them till a next troop or another AP. 3 pairs left
  3. Screen Accurate Jawa Robe Fabric

    Does anyone in our Jawa building group need gloves? I have 4 (L) pairs that are sitting here and if they can help anyone with their suits ill bring them to the next AP.
  4. October Armor / Sewing Party / Meeting

    Hopefully we will be there and also finally get my submission pictures taken since its been crazy over the pass couple of months I have like 3 or 4 to take.. =/
  5. Is this guys stuff any good ?

    From what Ive read over on the FISD is basically stay away from this armor maker and that his parts are recasted FX armor plus its a UK vendor. If you head over to those forums and sign up; they have a list of safe vendors to buy from(USA Makers and UK) -Adriel
  6. Screen Accurate Jawa Robe Fabric

    Awesome! Thank you, Todd.
  7. Screen Accurate Jawa Robe Fabric

    Didn't want to start a new thread since its Jawa related, I was wondering what you all recommend on how to make the eyes? I've seen over on the Krayt Clan forum alot of different ways but I want to see know what the local jawas used =) and what has worked well for them. Thank you -Adriel
  8. WIP Staff

    Looking sharp, brother.
  9. Officer Boots

    Ill sign up on those boards. Ive been keeping an eye on Todd's boots at the moment its on pre-order but 200 isn't too bad from the shopping ive been doing. I was looking on there site, only thing that I notice they didn't add is the height of the boot shaft. My regular shoe size is about 10/10.5
  10. Officer Boots

    Would anyone know a good source for officer boots that won't break the bank too much? I've seen on some boards recommend Soviet boots site, if anyone had experience with this website.. were the boots true to size and how was shipping. Thank you in advance Adriel.
  11. Screen Accurate Jawa Robe Fabric

    Cant wait to see all the progress pictures!
  12. OT Rebel Pilot Project

    Helmet looks sweet, Todd! Been finishing up my helmet but I feel like mind is a tad small since it was before I knew where to look so I might have to go for a Darth Hair down the road.
  13. OT Rebel Pilot Project

    Ah, ok. I was going nuts thinking is was just my connection hah. Have to remember to make a account over at the RL to get access to those research pages.
  14. OT Rebel Pilot Project

    Very excited to start this build! By the way, is anyone else having problems with Wampawear's page? I click on links and get nothing.
  15. OT Rebel Pilot Project

    I'm down for OT pilots. Finished my helmet for display and been thinking of doing the whole suit so a group project would motivate me.