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  1. Hey-

    I know at one point we had talked about TK holsters.  Were you still looking for a new supplier?

    1. TK-4510


      not right now buddy, but I will contact you if it comes up.

  2. Royal Guard Build Documentation

    Thank you for doing this. I will reference it when I eventually get around to building my TPM Senate Guard.
  3. I know it's not 501st but...

    Awesome! Thanks!
  4. I know it's not 501st but...

    Yeah, I haven't been able to find any actual detailed pic references anywhere, and the bluray is a wash. Looks like I'll be investing in another comm pad and some more Testor's colors.
  5. ...Does anyone have a reference for Willrow Hood's comm pad color scheme?
  6. TIE Helmet

    I've been wanting a Dan Laws bucket for years now, just never had the funds to afford it. I'm going to get my armor from Targ, also when I can afford it.
  7. Welcome to Imperial Sands Garrison!

    Tim Simpson, TR 14247 Reporting for duty!