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  1. Cat and I will be there. I will also have merch for poeple to pick up. COME AND GET YOUR DARN MERCH ALREADY!!! LOL I will also have patches for sale. If you go to the Merch Shop and preorder I can have them packed and ready to go! I will also bring snaps (50 for $10) as well as some strapping I have for sale that I bought in bulk.
  2. Greedo Lives

    Excellent!! Love to see progress posted here on the rest of the pieces!
  3. ABS sheets

    The textured side is where I attach with glue...it should actually help somewhat with adhesion for inside cover strips.
  4. Fem trooper TK

    We definitely had to make some adjustments on the length of the forearms, but everything else seemed to work pretty well. We might have shortened the thighs a little bit, but hard to remember way back then hahaha. You are welcome to take a look at the completed kit sometime and I can help walk through any challenges we had. Easier to do obviously with it in front of us and might trigger some memory heheh.
  5. Brian's Tusken

    Excellent! MORE PICS!
  6. November Armor Party/Meeting 11/04/2017

    I will be there today with everyones merch!! COME GET YER STUFF!
  7. Builders!!!! I have the following sizes of webbing, elastic, and snaps for sale at my cost (no profiteering here). I buy in bulk to make sure I have plenty of supplies available in case any of you building TK's or other costumes need it. For costs on webbing and elastic, PM me with how much you'd like (feet/yards). Line 24 Snaps - Black Steel - 50 for $10 Black Nylon Webbing (1", 1.5", 2") Black Heavy Duty Elastic (1", 2") Webbing and Elastic come from Strapworks and are very heavy duty compared to what you get at Joann's or Michaels.
  8. Rob' s ANH stunt build.

    Looking good!!!
  9. Hi, I ordered some patches. I was wondering if I should pick them up.

  10. Request for access

    Sweet! Great to have you here Brian!
  11. TD/TK Undersuits

    They have recently had some undersuit options at Costco. I'll be going tomorrow so if they still have it I'll post a picture.
  12. Howdy!

    Yes Lee, you are more than welcome to come by, say hi, and talk to folks about kits, costumes, etc!
  13. Cal requesting access (finally!)

    Congrats Cal!!!
  14. Greetings ISG!

    Welcome Steven!
  15. Armor Party Oct. 22

    Count me in!!!...Doh, never mind, can't make it after all. Tried to update earlier, but forgot we had two threads for it.