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  1. SD Vader WIP

    Condolences on your recent family passings :'-(
  2. October Armor / Sewing Party / Meeting

    I plan on attending for the meeting. Had to put the TK build on hold while I do a Halloween costume build.
  3. Howdy howdy howdy

    I'm a scout myself, we definitely welcome more tree dodgers to our ranks!
  4. Voice Amp

    With my Scout, I use the icomm and Aker from voicebooster.com. I think if you find a 501st forum thread you can get a discount as a 501st member. I use the included wired headset. Last year a 501st member created an app called TKVoice. I haven't used it but it's another option that you can research, it's an app for use with with an iPhone instead of needing another piece of hardware like icomm or romfx.
  5. Met one member in Las Vegas

    Nope wasn't me (Todd - TB-10078), I'm not at the Trek con this year. I saw that Stuart Loui met you, he posted this pic to his FB. He's a TIE pilot and Gunner.
  6. Rob' s ANH stunt build.

    Looking good!!
  7. Alternate ARC Helmet

    Oooh ARC trooper, I love those guys.
  8. The code disc doesn't look quite accurate to me on both the belt & hat. They might be easily replaced though... Boots look great.
  9. Rob' s ANH stunt build.

    PM sent re May armor party.
  10. Hello all

    Andy, Once you have your forum account approved, send me a PM and we will see about getting your kit finished up! Todd F Aka khazara Aka Other Todd
  11. Hello all

    Hi Andy, future scout brother! I'm a little tied up through Wondercon and Celebration Orlando, but would be happy to help a new Scout get into our ranks!
  12. Officer Boots

    Have you checked out the Imperial Officer Corps detachment forums? Howard Smart has several officer costumes and may have some info. I believe some have successfully used Toddscostumes.com's Han Solo boots @ $200.
  13. Greetings from Channel Islands!

    Hiya Doug! Hope to troop with ya! Todd (Other Todd)
  14. Greetings ISG!

    Hi Jacob, glad you made it over to the ISG forums after introducing yourself on the Pathfinders board. Bikerscout.net has awesome detailed build threads and should be your primary reference, but there are several of us scouts locally to help should you need assistance. I personally won't be able to attend the next armor party that Todd (PunkRocketScience) mentioned, however, but I do recommend attending some of these types of events if you can, to meet some of our members and see some build techniques first hand.
  15. Armor Party Oct. 22

    It was nice meeting you both! Glad you were able to make it. Other Todd