Congratulations to our Golden Boot Award Winner

Imperial Sands Garrison is proud to announce our Golden Boot award winner.  The golden boot award goes to a trooper that has gone above and beyond in support of the Garrison and the Legion over the last year.  This can be though trooping, helping with props, helping prospective members and in any way that benefits the Garrison.

This year we had 5 nominees:

Howard Smart

Stuart Loui

Jeff Storch

Carol C

Todd Felton

We want to thank all of the above people for their hard work and efforts to support the garrison over the last year.

This years Golden Boot Award Winner is Jeff Storch.  Jeff put in numerous hours and donations toward the death star wall prop.  He also is an auditor for the garrison.  Lastly, he has trooped a number of events throughout this last year.

Congratulations Jeff.

Imperial Sands Garrison Command Staff


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